Comcast Employee Party 2018

Every year Comcast gives us a new and fun challenge for their employee celebration - this year, it was to completely transform the Portland Ballroom at the Oregon Convention Center into a Pacific Northwest wonderland. As guests entered the room, they found themselves at "base camp" in the forest, and as they worked their way through the room, traveled up the "mountain" toward cold, snowy peaks. The base camp area of the room was created with real pine trees, a live chainsaw wood carving demonstration, fully stocked "Mountain Outfitters" photo booths, and a cozy lodge complete with a custom-built octagonal faux-stone fireplace. As guests stepped outside the lodge, they passed under the balcony where a DJ played music to a packed "patio" dance floor. Working their way further toward the back of the room, guests could enjoy the "Aurora Lounge" with glowing furniture, a silent disco, and video-mapped Northern Lights creating a stunning display overhead. Guests could stop in at the "Ski Shop Arcade" to play some winter themed games, and on a nearby multi-tiered "mountain," guests found a great view of the party from above, as well as a unique virtual reality game experience. We loved working with our friends at Comcast on this event, and we can't wait to see what next year brings!




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