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NWUCA Fundraiser

November 28, 2017

The “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” came to life at the Marriott with a complex design using alternating colors, patterns, and textures. A colorful variety of teacups, clocks, and keys suspended from giant frames on the stage alluded to aspects of the children’s storybook. The centerpieces included leaning candelabras with candles placed slightly askew, giving guests the impression that “we are all mad here.” Miniature birds and butterflies found resting spots among colorful plumes of feathers atop stacks of teacups as additional centerpieces. The finished room consisted of an assortment of colors and textures incorporating black and white checks and stripes, layers of colorful linen and alternating chair covers, suspended lace umbrellas and tufted bar counters. Thanks to NWUCA for a theme that allowed for lots of fun and creativity!

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