Production Liaison & Marketing Coordinator

RPS Events is searching for a dynamic and motivated individual to join our team in the role of production liaison & marketing coordinator.

The production liaison’s primary responsibility will be to coordinate between the sales and production teams to improve communication and efficiency.

This will include:

  • Reviewing upcoming events with the event producer and director of operations to help ensure that the production team has all the information needed for a successful job.

  • Helping to manage and track orders for custom fabrication, graphics, sub-rentals, and other special items throughout the planning process.

  • Paying close attention to orders, confirming when items have been ordered, checking orders for accuracy, and continuing to monitor and update orders throughout the system.

  • Helping to communicate with external vendors to ensure that they have the materials and information they need to process orders.

  • Working with the production team and director of operations to schedule pickups for subrentals, graphics, and other orders.

  • Organizing and maintaining an area in the warehouse to collect ordered items waiting to be loaded for jobs.

  • Working with the production team to address questions about orders and job logistics as needed.

  • Ensuring that rental items are returned to vendors after jobs.

  • Following up with clients to have graphic proofs approved, confirm set and strike times, and other logistics.

  • Reviewing floor plans, renderings, and/or production schedules to ensure that the production team has the most accurate and up-to-date information for the job.

  • Going on job sites as needed to fill in for event producers or the director of operations and lead the event set up.

  • Assisting the director of operations to order supplies for the warehouse (paint, zip ties, shrink wrap, etc.).

  • Helping to maintain inventory digitization processes by working with a small team whenever possible to continue to count and catalog inventory items.

As a digital marketing coordinator, this person will be responsible for publicizing projects on the website and social media pages.

  • Attending certain events to take photos of decor specifically for marketing purposes.

  • Publishing event photos and descriptive copy on the website post-event.

  • Posting photos of events and writing copy for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest as needed.

This is a full-time position beginning at $18/hour, and health and retirement benefits are available.

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