Production & Design

Creativity, detail and custom fabrication are the hallmarks of the Prop Shop’s award-winning production department. Your vision and our imagination set the stage for thematic sets, creative props, elegant floral, state of the art lighting and tabletop design. View Projects »

Design Fabrication

Our design services include branding of a corporate image throughout all company functions. We provide rendering and fabrication of all customized elements. View Projects »

Thematic Props

We expand the unifying idea that is a recurrent element, which may include custom stages, set design, scenery, backdrops, décor and facades. View Projects »

Lighting Design

Our experts will choose placement, type, direction and brightness or dimness of lights. Lighting establishes mood, highlights specific characters, and intimates actions and accents scenes. View Projects »

Table Top & Floral

Extraordinary, whimsical or exotic, our designers create eye-catching masterpieces to complement any theme. View Projects »

Linen & Drapes

Utilizing services from Linen Works (need to confirm name and link), a non-profit that employs underprivileged in the Northwest, specialty linen can make or break an event. From napkins, to table clothes, to back drape if you can dream it we can find it. View Projects »

Corporate Events

The Prop Shop has worked with some of the best corporations in the Northwest. Providing staging needs for annual shareholder meetings or back drops for corporate retreats. Our design services can brand corporate functions with logo designs throughout the programs. View Projects »


We build scenic, safe and centralized environments for exhibiting, speaking or performing. View Projects »