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Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager:


RPS Events is seeking a warehouse manager to oversee day-to-day warehouse operations and organization. This position will report directly to the director of operations and coordinate with crew leads to fulfill a variety of warehouse functions. We are seeking an organized and detail-oriented person with computer skills who can learn our inventory management software system and work with a team to maintain inventory in two 10,000 square-foot warehouses. We are seeking someone who is comfortable coordinating a team, has a strong work ethic, and is polite, professional, and punctual. Candidates must be able to communicate clearly and coordinate multiple projects and processes simultaneously.

Position summary:

  • Monitor upcoming jobs and work with production assistants, crew leads, and director of operations to ensure that items are available, touched up, or repaired; and other pre-production tasks are taken care of as necessary.

  • Coordinate with the director of operations and crew leads to facilitate pulling and loading for events.

  • Maintain and organize the new orders staging section of the warehouse, checking in new items as they arrive, coordinating with production assistants.

  • Manage inventory and coordinate with crew leads to keep items organized in both warehouses and in our digital management system.

  • Count, take measurements, and photograph new items, continually updating information in our digital management system.

  • Maintain equipment and inventory items, ensuring that items are touched up, replaced, or removed from inventory as needed.

  • Oversee the offloading of trucks to ensure items are labelled and organized when they are put away.

  • Maintain basic equipment needs in the warehouse, ensuring that tools are in good repair, ordering items such as screws, zip ties, tape, touch up paint, cleaning supplies, and other basic necessities as needed.

  • Work with department leads to ensure they have the specific tools and equipment needed, and to determine the best way to organize and support each warehouse department.

  • Manage basic warehouse services, such as trash and recycling collection, and ensure that items are properly recycled.

  • Maintain and organize mobile toolboxes that travel on site to jobs, working with crew leads to ensure that they have the tools necessary for their projects (such as ladders, dollies, touch up/clean kits, etc).

  • Make suggestions and take initiative to improve warehouse and inventory systems.

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) is a plus

Position requirements:

  • Experience in team leadership and warehouse/inventory management

  • Full range of motion and dexterity, ability to lift and manipulate heavy objects and equipment

  • Computer and technology skills; ability to learn new software programs

Pay begins at $25 and hour and full time work is eligible for 401k and health benefits.

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